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About Us

The Sound Alliance is multi-county organization of diverse religious institutions, education organizations, unions and other civic non-profits in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area. It is driven by the belief that these Mediating Institutions must be strong because they are the cornerstones of a vibrant democratic society and hold the key to mending and reweaving the social fabric essential for strong families, healthy communities and a just world. The Alliance, therefore, has two primary goals:

1) To help strengthen each member organization. This involves fostering organizational cultures that are Relational, Action-Oriented and Reflective / Learning. 2) To serve as a vehicle for member groups to act in the public arena with sufficient power for justice and the common good. This requires a broad-based organization representing the cultural, religious, racial, economic and geographic diversity of the region. The Alliance is part of the Northwest region of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF),