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About Us

Oregon Volunteers! promotes and supports AmeriCorps, volunteerism and civic engagement to strengthen Oregon communities.

Goals and objectives for our three program areas are: AmeriCorps High quality AmeriCorps programs continue to help meet local needs identified by communities

  • Recognize, honor and build the skills of AmeriCorps members
  • Build and maintain a targeted portfolio of AmeriCorps programs
  • Assist programs in navigating the changing AmeriCorps landscape
  • Monitor, support and evaluate AmeriCorps programs in the State portfolio
  • Promote AmeriCorps throughout Oregon Volunteerism More Oregon residents are mobilized to meet local needs identified by communities
  • Develop and maintain a clearinghouse of Oregon volunteer resources
  • Support the implementation of the Oregon Plan for Volunteerism
  • Promote volunteerism statewide Civic Engagement Increase citizen involvement among Oregon residents to build connections within and across communities
  • Be an active participant in Oregon’s service learning community
  • Create and maintain a direct service program to actively involve Oregon residents in community building and problem solving