Burlington Time Bank

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About Us

A Time Bank is a community of people and organizations who agree to spend and earn Time Dollars. A Time Dollar is something you earn when you help a neighbor for one hour. You can spend that Time Dollar to meet your needs.

Time Dollars rebuild community. They bring neighbors together to help each other. They make it okay to ask for help when you need it and offer it when you can.

Our first project in Burlington is the Old North End Time Bank. It was launched on November 30th 2006 at a community potluck on Crombie St. Thirty people were there, feeling the Time Dollars fever. After some passionate speeches on the part of volunteers and an evocative video which can be viewed at www.timebanks.org, people were ready to sign up and start exchanging! As of September 1, 2007 we have over 90 members, including organizations like Mercy Connections, The DREAM Program, and the Lawrence Barnes PTO.