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About Us


SwimTayka teaches children the critical life skill of swimming in the world’s open water. SwimTayka collaborates with local NGO’s in waterside communities along lakes, rivers, and oceans to provide free swimming lessons to children living there. Our volunteer instructors are experienced open water swimmers and certified as lifeguards and swimming instructors. Not only does open water swimming develop a life skill for survival and self-confidence, but it also teaches us about clean water, ecosystem health, and builds a sense of stewardship for our earth for generations to come.

It is our mission to give disadvantaged communities around the world access to swimming teachers who will not only provide the life skills of swimming, but will leave a legacy for today's children who will grow up to teach the next generation.

Combining swimming with environmental education, we will grow the next generation of world citizens who will become the environmental stewards to love, care for and respect the life giving sources of our rivers, lakes and oceans along which they live