Our Sisters' School

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145 Brownell Avenue
New Bedford
United States

About Us

Our Sisters' School was founded in 2006 by a group of long-time local residents, women and men from the Greater New Bedford area who believed that it is crucial for the communities surrounding New Bedford to assist in addressing the city's weak quality of education and poor economic situation. Focusing on the failure of existing middle schools to meet the needs of girls, they organized as the school's Board of Trustees and committed time, energy and resources to establish the groundbreaking of OSS. With single-gender schools gaining in popularity and improving academic outcomes for students of both sexes around the country, the Board decided to create a school for girls that would work closely and collaboratively with the neighboring but unaffiliated all-boys Nativity Preparatory School. An advisory committee of experienced educators from public and independent schools was established to research and develop an academic program, built around dynamic, evidence-based curricula, which challenges each student to reach her full potential by developing academic competence, social confidence, cultural proficiency, intellectual curiosity, integrity and hope.

Some key achievements of Our Sisters' School have been the cohesion of the Board in its planning and implementation of the school, the development of financial support sufficient to operate the school in its early years as it develops a sound financial base, and the implementation of strong administrative and academic frameworks. In addition, the school has established extensive community support and key partnerships throughout the city with many local community organizations, local companies and private interests.

2007—June 2008 was a planning period for Our Sisters' School, Inc., during which the school incorporated and received 501© 3 status, hired an Executive Director, leased, renovated and equipped a facility, interviewed and hired teachers and administrative staff, undertook outreach to interest, assess and enroll students and families, developed strong financial and management systems, and worked with experienced educators to plan and implement quality academic and extra-curricular programs. Our Sisters' School opened in September 2008 with 26 students in grades five and six. It has since become a full four-year middle school, currently with 54 students. We had 12 students in our graduating class in the spring of 2013.