Upper Mississippi River Basin Association

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415 Hamm Building
408 St. Peter Street
St. Paul
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About Us

The UMRBA is a regional interstate organization formed by the Governors of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin to voice and coordinate the states’ common water resource interests and work with federal agencies that have river responsibilities. More specifically, the Association endeavors to:

• Serve as a regional interstate forum for the discussion, study, and evaluation of river-related issues of common concern to the states of the Upper Mississippi River Basin. • Facilitate and foster cooperative planning and coordinated management of the region’s water and related land resources. • Create opportunities and means for the states and federal agencies responsible for management of water resources in the Upper Mississippi River Basin to exchange information. • Develop regional positions on river resource issues and serve as an advocate of the basin states’ collective interests before Congress and the federal agencies.

UMRBA’s activities span a broad range of issues, including commercial navigation, ecosystem restoration and monitoring, water quality, aquatic nuisance species, flood risk management, hydropower, and spill response. A staff of 4 permanent full-time and 3 project-term employees is based in St. Paul, MN. Additional information is available on the UMRBA website at www.umrba.org.