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About Us

As a a special NGO consultant to UNESCO we offer FREE Distance Learning BS, MS, Ph.D.Degrees in Counseling, Educating and Healing with Nature. These skills are learned online through the art and science of Applied Ecopsychology and the Organic Psychology of a Natural Systems Thinking Process.

The eight-month program includes prior learning and life experience as well as Instructor, internship and career positions.

RATIONALE: Because our normal socialization excessively separates our psyche from nature's grace, balance and restorative powers it produces stress, dysfunctions and many other local and global disorders that plague us. By genuinely rejoining our psyche with nature the Organic Psychology we teach helps reverse our troubles. It enables our thinking to safely tap into nature's powers and transform our disorders into constructive relationships

Enjoy and teach powerful distance learning Internet courses and degree programs that help you walk nature's path to simpler living and greater sanity. Produce rewarding socially and environmentally responsible relationships, stress management and livelihoods.

"Although we and our psyche are part of nature, on average, over 95 percent of our time and 99 percent of our thinking is disconnected from nature's potent balancing and restorative powers. Without them we suffer many dysfunctions, disorders, addictions, stress and relationship problems, locally and globally.

Organic Psychology helps our thinking genuinely interlace with nature so that nature can do what it does best: compost the hurtful and destructive garbage that has been dumped in our mentality. This nature-connected psychology empowers us to transform polluted thinking and dysfunction, anywhere, into the well-being and peace of people and Earth in balance. Our destiny depends upon its use to broaden our consciousness and our ability to love the whole of life. This is important for we only save what we love."