Development Action Awareness Nationwide

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About Us

Development Action Awareness Nationwide is a non-profit organization based in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. The D.A.A.N. Foundation works towards elevating the awareness, education and over all development of women and youth of rural and urban India. Through our efforts we are trying to create a better living condition for all. Development Action Awareness Nationwide has successfully opened two village youth education centers since the organizations inception in 2009. We have been positively influencing the lives of more than 150 rural children through our services. Our youth centers are open for visitors and volunteers to come and share their love, understand the education related needs and contribute in their own individual ways.


Development Action Awareness Nationwide reflects and shares a vision of “an equal and just society, no boundaries just balance, where the vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society effectively participate in the development process leading to control over their resources”.

D.A.A.N.’s mission is to promote education and improve the overall capacity building skills of rural youth and women. The D.A.A.N. Foundation works to develop rural youth’s understanding of issues related to health, education, gender-equality, and socio-economic development through awareness generation and capacity building initiatives.