Freedom Socialist Party - Seattle Branch

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5018 Rainier Avenue S
United States

About Us

The Freedom Socialist Party is a revolutionary, socialist feminist organization, dedicated to the replacement of capitalist rule by a genuine workers' democracy that will guarantee full economic, social, political and legal equality to all who are exploited and oppressed by the profit system and its offshoot—imperialism.

We are internationalists, unionists, antiwar activists, free speech advocates, environmentalists, gay freedom fighters and rebellious people of color and youth.

Here in Seattle our branch is actively involved in fighting budget cuts, furloughs and other attacks on public workers and the poor. We are also participating in campaigns for immigrant rights, healthcare, a progressive tax structure, reproductive freedom and queer equality -- and against Minutemen and other right-wing bigots.

Seattle FSP sponsors ongoing study groups and regular public forums on local, national and international issues. To learn more about the party and upcoming events, check out our website and also subscribe to the bi-monthly Freedom Socialist newspaper.