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About Us

Banso land found in the grass field of Cameroon with its most respected, adorable and honored cultural heritage made of several tribes having identical tradition language and beliefs is known to be the most talented and hardworking people in this part of the country especially in music art and craftwork but due to some difficulties they face such as lack of knowledge, education, direction and been conservative in this part of field they are unable to give out the right output thereby discouraging some of their dreams

Kailan Foundation has setup a recording, art and craft studio and is in need of expert volunteers in this field of study from any part of the country with the objectives:

<To promote, encourage, maintain, support and assist research in music, singing, art and craftwork by colleges, schools, universities, institutions, associations and organizations.

<To conduct, promote, encourage, support and assist the advancement and development by any means whatsoever of musical education generally and in particular the training of all forms of singing, theatre, music, visual and cultural arts and craft in all form.

<To establish, maintain, promote and support, orchestral groups or individuals, authorities and societies whose objectives are for the advancement of music, singing art and craftwork for the benefit of the individuals and public.

<To hold or arrange concerts, auditions, exhibition, competitions and provide or contribute towards the provision of prizes, awards or scholarships

<To arrange instructions and assist students in performing of visual and cultural arts and crafts by any means whatsoever

<To establish, promote, maintain and support societies, associations, clubs which are establish for musical education purposes for the encouragement of music arts, crafts, theatre, radio, television video tape, film and broadcast.

<To identify, promote and encourage upcoming talents

<Cultural diversification through music, art and craftwork

<To assist the underprivileged achieve a better career in music, crafts, visual and cultural art

<To promote youth development activities

<To contribute to the development of a socially enterprising business culture

<To assist and support in the marketing of CDs, art and craftworks

In general, to combat social issues faced by the young people such as unemployment, teen pregnancies, street children, child prostitutes, HIV victims drug abuse amongst the young and the elderly.