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About Us

IICD - Institute for International Cooperation and Development - is a private nonprofit organization, registered as a 501(c)(3). Since 1987, IICD has trained over a 1,200 volunteers, who have taken part in development and community work with projects in Africa, Central America and Brazil. This course for Development Instructors takes a courageous and futuristic view of the world. You will dare to look the problems and the big issues of our present time right in the eye, understanding the forces and politics at play, acknowledging the real consequences, not just seen from one place but on a global scale. You will study and dig into the problems and potentials of our future world, not only using conventional narratives, but finding your own way to new knowledge, using own experiences and own reasoning. You will dare to dream and envision a future for We the People, while you battle with the big issues at hand, trying to point to modern, lively, inclusive and sustainable ways and solutions that we can be proud to present.

The leaning methods are Studies, Courses and Experiences. Studies take up half of the time, Courses take up one quarter of the time, Experiences take up tone quarter of the time. Throughout the training, the student earns points. Each period of the program has a defined number of points that the student shall complete. For each defined hour of Studies, Courses or Experiences, the student earns one point. Thus, a study task defined to take 2 hours will earn the student two points, regardless of how long it actually took her to complete the task. The student thus trains planning her time and being productive while studying. Once a week, the student makes a status of how many points she has reached during the week as well as a plan for how many points she will reach during the coming week. The results and plans are discussed and qualified in the groups and in the team.