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About Us

Rotaplast International is a non-profit humanitarian organization providing free reconstructive cleft palate surgery and treatment for underprivileged children worldwide. Rotaplast partners with individual philanthropists, organizations such as Rotary Clubs and Districts, hospitals and medical supply companies across the United States and at international mission sites with emphasis to educate, train and advance research in the prevention of cleft lips and palates. The core program has expanded to include genetic research, prevention counseling, and a multi-disciplinary approach including orthodontics, speech pathology and dentistry.

A child’s life can be changed forever with a few hours of surgery. Rotaplast actively promotes the concept of building international understanding and goodwill among peoples and nations by meeting this immediate need. Because Rotaplast includes non-medical volunteers on missions, the opportunity to build these relationships is greatly increased. In a world fraught with war and international distress, organizations such as Rotaplast can build bridges of peace through smiles.