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About Us

Founded in 1994, the AIGA Link Program is a Seattle-based group of board members, volunteers and a part-time administrator dedicated to enriching the lives of high school students with a passion for art. Our innovative program provides monthly workshops, portfolio development, a gallery show and scholarship awards for higher education. The AIGA Link Program's success has inspired similar programs across the nation.

Our vision in LINK is to be a place and people that function as mentors to grant students a greater purview and understanding of what is possible in their lives. We seek to foster life-altering experiences and connections, underscoring the fact that they have all the raw talents needed to succeed. This means we:

  • engage people in a genuine and helpful manner
  • provide new artistic experiences with great role models
  • nurture a network of dedicated support entities and resources
  • grow in understanding, expertise and commitment
  • maintain positive student, volunteer and partner relationships

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