Cornstalk Institute

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3011 Barcelona Rd SW
Albuquerque, NM 87105
United States

About Us

The Cornstalk Institute, a non-profit organization founded in 1993, has designed, developed and implemented unique and effective educational and youth development programs for all ages of learners for more than a decade. The mission of the Institute is to “educate independent students to become community assets and effective leaders for 21st century democracy”. Over five million dollars have been generated to serve more than 15,000 New Mexico youth and families in youth development, experiential education, wilderness adventure, environmental education, counseling at-risk and marginalized youth and families, service learning, agriculture/horticulture and civic education, media training and literacy. Current programs include: Learning to Lead - a science-based prevention program for youth ages 12-17 serving students from three APS schools in and around the Santa Barbara Martineztown community; Cornstalk Media Center - currently providing digital imaging classes for local charter school; 21st Century Community Learning Center - a collaboration with Albuquerque Public Schools for Polk and Washington Middle Schools; and various and numerous professional development programs serving Albuquerque and surrounding areas as well as beyond New Mexico.