Richmond Community Services Foundation

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272 North Bedford Rd
Mount Kisco
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About Us

Richmond Community Services, in partnership with all members of the community, supports children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families, to achieve the highest quality of life through individualized services, life enhancing strategies, education, and advocacy, with particular expertise in meeting the needs of those with complex health issues.

Since 1973, Richmond has made a family-like commitment that addresses the life-long needs of the people we support. Due to our high quality of care, our staff expertise, as well as medical and technological advances, the people we support are living longer than ever before. Increasingly, people stay with us for decades rather than years. We provide a home for 143 individuals who live in one of our homes in Westchester County, NY. In addition, we offer others in the community a Day Program, Guest Respite Services and Bilingual Medicare Service Coordination.

We strongly believe we have an obligation not only to set the standard for excellence, but also to do all we can to ensure that the people we support live with dignity, leading the fullest and richest lives possible.