Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church

  • DC


900 Massachusetts Ave NW
United States

About Us

Our mission is Serving, Growing and Believing. We aim to be an authentic community that is serving the needs of our city as well as one another. We seek to grow in our faith through community small groups, Bible study and topical studies organized throughout the year. We desire to believe more faithfully and abundantly in the transformational love and grace made manifest through Christ's life, death and resurrection. Our vision is to become part of God's efforts to transform our city, our world and ourselves.

We are a United Methodist Church. You may learn more about our beliefs and practices at At the heart of Wesleyan theology is grace. God's grace is prevenient. It is infused within each of us long before we ever think about turning to God. Another tenant of our theology is social holiness. None of us can be Christian on our own. We are shaped into more faithful disciples in community as we hold each other accountable and encourage one another to become more like Christ. Another core belief is something known as practical divinity. While we are saved by grace and not our own doing, we are also called to live out our beliefs - to be good news to the world around us and seek to be part of God's transformation of all of creation. To this end, we seek to be a vital presence in broken places of our city.

We are part of the Baltimore Washington Annual Conference. You can learn about our conference at

We are also a Reconciling Congregation, and you can learn about the Reconciling Ministries Network at We became a reconciling congregation on October 31, 2009. We passionately believe that all people should be welcomed and included in the life of the church and praise God for each and every person who walks into our doors.