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About Us

Upturn is building a world where technology serves the dignity and well-being of all people. We work to ensure that new technology reflects the interests and needs of those at the margins, who are all too often missed when technologies are built, deployed, and governed.

Upturn is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Washington DC working at the intersection of social justice and technology. We produce clear, incisive research and analysis of emerging issues in technology and public policy that guides the public conversation.

We work in areas where technology is shaping social change. Our issues include:

  • Safety & Justice: We work to ensure that technology in the criminal justice system supports civil rights and functions fairly for all people. This includes technologies that surveil (especially those in the hands of police) and technologies that predict (especially those that inform key decisions that implicate people’s rights).

  • Markets & Opportunity: We work to ensure that technology expands, not diminishes, opportunities for consumers and workers in the digital age. This includes shedding light on predatory new marketplace practice as well as promoting opportunities for greater inclusion through new uses of data and technology.

  • Open & Secure Communication: We work to ensure that people in the US and around the world can meaningfully communicate over a free, open, and secure Internet. This includes working to develop and deploy anti-censorship software and policy support for issues related to privacy, digital security, and content moderation.

  • Decisions, Automation and Power: We work to ensure that when people’s lives are shaped by high tech predictions and automated decisions, the results are fair and the process is accountable.

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