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About Us

Sports continue to be one of the engagement strategies that help separate youth from negative influences and behaviors. At Mentoring Valuable Protégés, participants are able to nurture their desire to be an MVP at home, school, and in the community. Our program infrastructure includes four mainstream sports that penetrate all communities in disregard of age, race, ethnicity, and gender. The principal sports in the MVP programs are basketball and volleyball. Over 70% of the kids in the programs come to MVP to participate in one of these two sports. The complementary areas in the MVP programs include baseball, roller derby, health and wellness awareness, entrepreneurship in sports, and life leadership skills. The team of experienced staff and volunteer coaches are recruited from local schools and recreational programs and following a thorough orientation that includes sports safety and health; they are able to inspire young men and women to excel and to challenge themselves constantly. That is the MVP attitude. 

The fabric of our curriculum is woven together utilizing cutting edge training methods and industry leading information designed to cultivate better, stronger and faster student-athletes. The MVP, Inc. business model is built on service, support and grass root development that breeds brand awareness and recognition.