Metro CareRing

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About Us

Metro CareRing is a hunger-relief organization operating one of the largest food pantries in Denver. In addition to providing nutritious food, Metro CareRing offers educational and supportive services to help low-to-no income families become self-sufficient. We offer assistance with utilities, transportation, and ID documentation as well as classes on financial management, nutrition, and gardening.

About one-third of the households receiving services at Metro CareRing are considered working-poor. These are persons who receive income, but do not receive enough to meet basic needs. Over one-third of MCR clients are on a fixed income. While income from work, social security or other public benefits is notincreasing, the cost of living continues to rise. Other clients have experienced financial setbacks such as job loss, death of a family member, or a medical emergency. Many folks who come to Metro CareRing have physical or mental health challenges. These persons may never have sustainable incomes. Metro CareRing is needed for transitional times as well as to care for the most vulnerable in society.