Whitman Direct Action

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280 Boyer Avenue
Walla Walla
United States

About Us

Whitman Direct Action (wDA) is a Whitman College based student organization dedicated to helping marginalized people by promoting economically and environmentally sustainable opportunity through community-focused development. We want to see a world where sustainable practices have replaced destructive ones, where equitable mutual and synergistic opportunity replaces oppression, and where critical thought and action replaces apathy and fear. Since our formation in 2005, wDA’s members have operated under the belief that we can best serve our community, world, and ourselves by researching problems prevalent in our society, and undertaking a one to two year project (time depends on project size) designed to address a chosen issue as effectively and meaningfully as we can.

Whitman Direct Action is also an open-source organization. Please help us improve upon the structure and functionality of it by visiting whitmandirectaction.org/opensource