Innovation Cancer Research

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About Us

1) Fund innovative cancer research projects. These projects should propose new ideas as opposed to branching of previously funded projects by government agencies. Our priority is to fund experienced researchers in underfunded cancer with low survival rates. Therefore, our priority right now is lung cancer. In the future we intend to open ICR to projects on pancreatic, liver and other underfunded with very low survival cancers.

2) Change the dynamic of grant application, reduce paperwork and keep an open dialogue with the researchers during and after the grant submission. We will work on creating a network of researchers that can help this dialogue. We will potentiate a network structure where the applicants are involved in the process beyond the submission of the application.

3) Potentiate a crowd funding approach. This can approach the science to people and contribute to raise awareness of how science works and what are the problems.

4 Promote a new culture of science with true collaboration among researchers and better communication between the bed and the bench side.