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About Us


BackStage Theatre Company is a not-for-profit ensemble of theatre artists dedicated to the exploration of family. Through the creation of bold and eclectic productions, we question and examine what family means socially, spiritually, economically, emotionally, politically, and culturally. Our BackStage family is committed to the growth of all families.


Connectivity: To consider the complex dynamics of human connectivity through the exploration of the idea of family.

Closeness: To embrace and explore the medium of intimate theatre as a unique and essential mode of articulating our stories, gently erasing the lines between artists and audience.

Courage: To challenge our audiences and our artists with complex thematic ideas, and to give artists and audiences a safe haven to consider those ideas.

Delight: To captivate our audiences and artists alike; to respectfully engage the hearts and minds of those who produce and those who attend; to entertain with broad minds and open hearts; to produce with ambitious joy.