Alternatives to Violence Project, Maryland Correctional Training Center

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About Us

"Our mission is to empower people to lead nonviolent lives through affirmation, respect for all, community building, cooperation, and trust.

Our experiental workshops support incarcerted and free citizens with reflective and lively exercises that explore topics like: positive communication, forgivenss, conflict resouluntion, empathy and other topics that will help indivuals live a non-violent life.

AVP encourages every person's innate power to positively transform themselves and the world. AVP offers an intensive learning experience, offering three-day workshops on three levels in the Maryland Correctional Training Center: The Basic Workshop, The Advanced Workshop and Training for Facilitators

AVP/USA is an association of community based groups and prison based groups offering experiential workshops in personal growth and creative conflict management....

AVP is dedicated to reducing the level of violence in our society. Our goal is to reduce the level of violence by introducing people to ways of resolving conflict that reduce their need to resort to violence as the solution. The Alternatives to Violence Project is designed to create successful personal interactions and transform violent situations. We're dedicated to teaching the same non-violent skills and techniques that were used by Mohandas Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."

- Alternatives to Violence Project, USA