Childrens Medical Emergency SA

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About Us

About Us:

We believe in the basic human right of every child to enjoy love, caring, health, education and balance and we strive to achieve this through our efforts.

Mission & Vision Statement:

To aid as many less privileged children as possible who have extreme or fatal medical conditions by making available to them free medical assistance or treatment through funds raised for this purpose.

To work to ensure that no child’s life gets lost that could have been saved and reach this vision to the best of our ability.

Our motto is "Touching hearts, touching lives, bringing change."


• To provide community service and counselling to less priveleged communities, specifically under or non-insured, homeless or abused children, facilitation of medical care and treatment for critical, fatal or life threatening medical conditions such as AIDS/HIV/STD, cancer, leukemia, blindness, deafness and related diseases or conditions.

• To provide and actively seek medication, chronic and non-chronic, medical services, medical care and medical treatment to under- or non-insured children.

• To ensure and enforce every child’s right to lead a happy, healthy and balanced life

• To provide medication, medical services, medical care, medical treatment, refuge, education and restoration to homeless and abused children.

• To provide, maintain and operate a care facility housing abused or homeless children including a hospice facility available to impoverished families who have critically-ill children.

• To provide a long-term medical aid to under- or non-insured children from less-privileged communities.

• To work in collaboration with other organisations which mainly provide health transformation, education and the right of a child to have a happy, healthy and balanced life and to establish a long term sustainable medical assistance forum for all communities, specifically under- or non-insured less privileged children.

• Provision of a means to education, food and clothing to less-privileged and homeless children

• Provision of counselling and emotional support to critically-ill, homeless or abused children

• Provision of financial assistance to impoverished families who have critically-ill children

• Provision of funeral services to impoverished families who have critically-ill children

• Ensure and enforce every child’s right to lead a happy, healthy and balanced life

Geographical area

The immediate geographical community we serve is between 300000 - 500000 people strong. Among these we have 15 rural communities which are in dire need of assistance in the form of medicines, transport, clothing and food.