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About Us

Our Mission: The purpose of Just Tell is to raise awareness about the prevalence of Childhood Sexual Abuse and to increase the percentage of children who disclose their abuse. We focus on empowering sexually abused children to speak up and end the abuse they are suffering. Just Tell reaches out directly to sexually abused children and offers hope by giving children a new reality in which being molested will no longer be a secret borne in isolation.

Our website JustTell.org is the central hub for Just Tell’s advocacy efforts. The first of its kind in the United States, the website offers sexually abused kids a place to read privately about sexual abuse, learn why and how to choose a trusted adult to tell, and how to tell that trusted adult about the sexual abuse they are suffering.

THE WEBSITE WAS LAUNCHED in September 2008 and is currently receiving about 500 hits per week.

We work with teen volunteers to build Street Teams. The Teams choose the events they wish to work on and then attend those events in order to pass out our Wallet Cards which give sexually abused kids our website address and useful information. Just Tell has over 50 Teams up and running in 30 States as of 10/10.