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About Us

The Wellmet Project is a unique program that operates group homes for people with mental illness. We are a charity whose purpose is to not only meet the basic needs of each individual, but to encourage growth, independence and self sufficiency. Much of the operation of the homes is determined by the residents in a weekly house meeting, and our use of live in staff provide a cost-effective means to offer support services. The homes are cooperative households, with staff and residents alike performing the various tasks that are necessary for any home to operate properly. All of our direct care staff live at the residences, and by virtue of doing so, they help destigmatize mental illness in addition to serving as role models and a source of support and encouragement. Residents and staff together are responsible for preparing dinner, performing household chores, and doing all the other tasks that make a house a home.

We are a transitional housing program, with a length of stay ranging from 6 months to 5 years. Our residents have a wide range of psychiatric diagnoses, but they share the common need for support, companionship, respect, and a commitment to recovery.

Wellmet is a private, non-profit agency that operates independently of any government or corporation. This independence allows us to accept applications from anyone who meets our minimum requirements. While we are fee-based, our rates are reasonable and are reflective of our actual operating expenses. We have been in operation since 1960, and have three homes in Cambridge and Somerville Massachusetts. Each house is coed and serves 10-12 people.

For more information about Wellmet, to download a resident application, or to make a donation to our charity, visit our website at: www.wellmet.org.