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About Us

ProLiteracy Worldwide is a non-profit educational organization which supports with literacy programs in the United States and 65 developing countries. Working through a global network of 125 grassroots non-governmental organizations worldwide, ProLiteracy provides modest funding, training, and technical assistance to support community-based adult literacy efforts that focus on basic education and problem solving combined with action. Our partners work in one or more of the following six action areas: economic self-reliance, health, education, environmental sustainability, human rights, and peace.

ProLiteracy’s mission is to support literacy and community based programs that enable adults and their families to acquire the literacy-based skills and confidence needed to function more effectively in their daily lives and to participate in the transformation of their societies. Formed by the historic merger of Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc and Laubach Literacy International in 2002, ProLiteracy Worldwide carries forward a 78-year tradition of advancing literacy efforts worldwide. Each year ProLiteracy Worldwide serves more than 2.7 million adults and their families through its program and publishing divisions.

ProLiteracy’s International Programs division works with 125 grassroots, indigenous literacy and development organizations located in 65 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Latin America & the Caribbean. Since 1990, ProLiteracy has reached over 1.6 million women in 1,610 communities through its international program initiative, Women in Literacy.