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BACKGROUND:VOGASPAD is a Development ,non-profit,non-political and non-religious NGO set up in March 1999 and legally recognized in October 2001,by Prefectoral order No 0034/E29/1111/vol 8/APPB of 18/10/2001 of the Senior Divisional Officer of Mezam.The main mission of the Volunteer Group for Agro-Silvo-Pastoral Development( VOGASPAD),known in French as VODASPA is to develop,improve and promote techniques for sustainable management of Natural Resources and Environment in order to help reduce poverty among the populations of Cameroon. This is done through follow-up actions of training in Agricultural Training Institutions, improvement of existing farming systems and livelihood to increase food security, long -term productivity, safe food production and enviromental protection. In the long term VOGASPAD intends to achieve this gold through the generation and large dissemination of information and knowledge on how to enable rural populations release and use their inherent potentials and capabilities in improving their lives and ,assess their adoption of sustainable management techniques of the resources. PURPOSE/ACTIVITIES:VOGASPAD centres its activities on sensitisation, practical field training and demonstrations, research, training, consultancy, capacity building and networking in the areas of Organic Agriculture, Forestry, Agro -forestry, New Technology of Information and Communication, Development of Rrural Infrastructures and Environmental issues, all with gender equity. Target Populations: Our targets are Youths, School Leavers and graduates from educational and professional schools of learning, farmers and other interested or involved in the development of the rural sector. Partners: VOGASPAD establishes partnership with individuals, local and international scientists, local councils, Government Services, NGOs and network with other local organizations. e.g. VOGASPAD is member of Network for Eco-farming in Africa (NECOFAC), Cameroon Vetiver Network (CAMVETNET), Western Highlands Nature Conservation Network (WHINCONET). REALIZATIONS / ACHIVEMENTS. -SELECTED PICTURES FROM OUR PAST ACTIVITIES WITH GEFBAFKO AS FROM JULY 2007 (PHOTO VOGASPAD)

The technical team (3 MINFOF staff in green), Six (6) of the 10 forest guards attending a night Gefbafko member in Yellow and, Coordinator planning meeting in front of Chief of the village And Secretary VOGASPAD trekking for four house in July 2007. hours down to the village for sensitization in July 2007: one of the access road is short but so bad that even Bicycles cannot ply it.

The Divisional Delegate, MINFOF for Upper A family picture after a training session in Nkam during a training session with December 2008 community members in December 2008

Trainees and trainers at one of the entering Participants learning how to measure diameters points into the forest in December 2008 of tree in the forest (December 2008)

One of the main threats to this forest is the The coordinator of VOGASPAD (GPS in hand) Slash and burn due to the increasing need for during practical demonstration on how to use more lands as results of population growth field equipments (February 2009).