Sunset Park AmeriCorps

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About Us

Sunset Park community is a diverse, low-income community comprised primarily of an immigrant population. The Sunset Park Community HealthCorps is based out of NYU Lutheran Family Health Centers and views health in a holistic way. We recognize the impact of issues such as literacy, housing, family violence, employment, and trauma on an individual's well-being. HealthCorps member placements reflect this view, and members work to provide patients, residents, and students with health education, referrals, translation, and literacy assistance, among other services. Members receive training and orientation in the health centers and community programs. Become part of the movement to provide quality healthcare and education for all people by serving with the Sunset Park Community HealthCorps. Our AmeriCorps program has a 100% rate of members serving additional terms in our corps, finding jobs in our Health Centers, and/or moving onto grad school!

The following positions are available:

Early Learning Network -- work within the preschool network for community outreach with students and parents, Provide case management and referrals for clients with family strengthening needs, and conduct a monthly newsletter (Part time). This position is a 6.5 month contract completing 900 hours of direct service beginning in September - $6,600 living stipend (around $1,000 per month) roughly 35 - 40 hours per week with an end of term education scholarship of $2,822.

Please email a current resume and what position you are interested in for our program. 

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