Driving on Opportunity

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About Us

Mission Statement

Providing children valuable resources to establish a strong foundation, enhance life opportunities, obtain prospective goals, and increase networking through peer involvement.

Driving on Opportunity is a 501(c)(3) organization striving to prepare adolescents for upcoming life-opportunities while implanting a sound-foundation to remain committed unto future goals. We strongly believe our youth are the leaders of tomorrow and potential builders of the community. Therefore, we must embrace and create a constructive platform for their talents. In return, we may witness a revolving cycle of youth mentorship to upcoming generations, which will help our community reach its optimal potential. Encouraging self investment through quality programs which will emphasize individual strengths, identify weakness and highlight opportunities for growth.

Our volunteers supporting the mission of each program are viewed as respectable and educated founders in their particular field. We can ensure quality teaching is provided to each participant seeking an opportunity to encounter success or direction with their specific goals. Providing an opportunity for our youth with learning materials for growth and self- investment is our primary objective for beginning this program.