DESPRI - Haiti

  • Port-au-Prince



218 Avenue Jean Paul II
Haut Turjeau

About Us

DESPRI (Développement Entreprenariat Social Production Rural Intègre) seeks to strengthen local capacities of individuals and organizations in Haiti through a participatory approach while fostering Universal values. Our current development initiatives focus on modernization of productive value-chains such as traditional salt production, and on capacity-building of leaders and entrepreneurs, formation of cooperative units of production and micro-credit, and promotion of ecological and socio-economic sustainability. DESPRI utilizes the bottom-up Self-Help Group participatory methodology to establish Entrepreneurship Incubation Centers and women’s savings-and-loans solidarity networks as the base for supporting innovation and transformation in vulnerable and under-served Haitian communities. The organization is registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs as a Fonds with a special Public Utility status, and is affiliated with AMURT, an NGO which has realized a wide variety of humanitarian, education, and development initiatives in Haiti since 1998 in collaboration with KNH, BMZ, WFP, USAID, CIDA, and other partners.