Rose City Coffee

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1801 E Del Mar Blvd
United States

About Us


Our purpose is to change the lives of homeless and transitional aged youth through an economic development program that will train youth in the craft of coffee.


Our vision is to see the lives of homeless and transitional aged youth changed through the craft of coffee.


Our mission is to sustain a coffee craft that will change the lives of homeless and transitional aged youth.


Rose City Coffee is a nonprofit startup that strives for new beginnings in coffee, community, and homeless youth. We see an ongoing need for the revival of homeless youth, and believe this can be achieved through purposeful empowerment by providing a skill-set that will allow these youths to ultimately become interdependent. We resist the use of independence, because community is engrained into our values and beliefs. Therefore, we not only build networks and occupational contacts, but also meaningful relationships that continually enrich the lives of those around us.

This can only be withheld through a coffee craft—where quality is supreme, an art-form–and shortcuts are defunct. Moreover, in an ever-increasing complicated society, we are also adept at simplifying things. It is easy to draw customers with a nonprofit story, but our goal is to keep them coming with a product of unmatched quality.