Children's Studio School

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1301 V Street, NW
United States

About Us

Children's Studio School, highly regarded since its founding in 1977 for its provocative, transcultural Arts As Education© approach to teaching, is a DCcommunity arts organization and full-day school with a continuing mission of providing the opportunity for young children to work with highly-developed multimedia visual and perforing artists, writers and architects as their total teachers, throughout the day. At Children's Studio School, the arts are not in addition to education; they are the entire means of education. Through the intuitive, experimental, reflective and analytical processes of the arts, children develop many ways of thinking and being/functioning. Other essential aspects of the mission are to educate other teachers and artists and to engage families from throughout the area in Arts As Education© processes.

Interns participate either directly with the children and their artists/teachers; and/or assist with