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About Us

What is Community Help Community?

A global learning and knowledge- sharing network of communities, experts and students working together to support local community development initiatives through capacity building programs and information sharing networks.


Mission Statement

Community Help Community (CHC) is a global learning and knowledge-sharing network whose mission is to support the development of capacity-building initiatives and information sharing networks to enhance communities and more effectively contribute to policy making initiatives.

CHC seeks to facilitate information sharing and connect community leaders with university students and experts. CHC aims to achieve this mission by working collectively to grant academic experts access to local community practices and local activist knowledge and experiences.

CHC is a global learning and knowledge-sharing network which focuses on community initiatives and best practices in the fields of human rights, education, gender-based violence, health, refugee law, community development and mobilization programming, women and youth participation and leadership, climate change adaptation, businessmen in humanitarian activities, volunteerism and youth with low qualifications, interfaith harmony, peace and conflict.


The vision of the Community Help Community is a world in which humanitarian action is effective and principled.


Cross- cultural Cooperation. Collaboration. Community Education and Empowerment.

Organizational Aims

  • Community Help Community aims to facilitate the effective exchange of information, concerns, issues and best practices among member communities, experts and students by acting as a “hub” for participants and members.
  • Community Help Community aims to strengthen the networks between communities, experts and senior students to ensure quality and coordinated participation by connecting local leaders with academic experts.
  • Community Help Community aims to collect community-tested best practices and refine these tested methods through collaboration between experts and community members.
  • Community Help Community aims to provide community leaders with access to researched expert information to allow communities to refine their methods, increasing their ability to sustainably develop themselves.  
  • Community Help Community aims to support the development of capacity-building initiatives through collaboration initiatives and information sharing programs to enhance communities, experts and students’ contributions to humanitarian policy-making all over the world.
  •  Community Help Community want to put deprived communities in the position where they will do great things for themselves.

Community Help Community (CHC) Committee,