Santa Cruz County Friday Night Live Partnership

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About Us

Friday Night Live & Club Live builds partnerships for positive and healthy youth development, which engages youth as active leaders and resources in their communities.

Core Program Components

  1. Chapter- describes a group of committed young people and at least one adult ally working together. Chapters provide skill development, opportunities and outreach through ongoing partnerships at local sites. They provide opportunities to promote youth-led ideas and youth decision-making. Within a chapter, groups can take part in real change that extends beyond the school or meeting site, and into the community at large. In a chapter, young people experience a sense of belonging to something larger than themselves and have the opportunity to establish meaningful connections with their peers and adults.
  1. Outreach- FNL seeks to involve as many young people, from as many different backgrounds, communities, and environments as possible. The goal is to be intentional about engaging all young people- from non-traditional leaders to youth in recovery, from multiple ethnic and cultural communities, and beyond. Outreach also extends to adults and community partners that can contribute to and participate in FNL partnerships. Outreach is more than simply increasing membership numbers; it is about enhancing the quality of FNL partnerships by making efforts to be as inclusive and complete as possible.