International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management

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About Us

The International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management works to increase indigenous peoples control over their natural, cultural, and intellectual resources by developing and advancing culturally appropriate and collaborative approaches to the management and preservation of these resources. Our mission includes educating the public on the seamless connection between, and the redounding effects of, the natural environment and the art, song, dance and other cultural manifestations of indigenous peoples. The Institute has an active internship program and conducts workshops and roundtables on a broad range of issues which impact indigenous peoples.

One of our signature events is the annual Indigenous Film & Arts Festival founded in 2004. During this week-long event, audiences hear the stories and histories of indigenous peoples told in their own voice. The Festival raises awareness of issues from native peoples around the world told by North and South American Indian, Canadian First Nations, Native Hawaiian, Maori, Aboriginal Australian, and North African filmmakers. Their films let the audience see through the eyes of the filmmakers their connections to past and future generations, their unique perspectives of the universe and all the creatures, places and things within. The Festival is one of just a handful of venues that showcases the works of student filmmakers.