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355 7th Ave #206
New York
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About Us

Who are we? Navatman (formerly The Anamika-Navatman Project) is a combination of the visions of Sridhar Shanmugan and Sahasra Sambamoorthi to create a sustainable home for the South Asian arts, emphasizing the Indian classical music and dance in New York City and surrounding area. With roots that come from the power of the South Asian arts community and branches that extend all over the world, Navatman is a center that hopes to house, inspire, disseminate, and support the New York South Asian arts scene and elevate the soul through these arts.

This has us running multiple branches in education, events production, and creative endeavors to achieve simultaneous goals, which are:

1. preservation of the traditional arts 2. fostering art that pushes boundaries and defies expectations 3. accessibility to the South Asian arts 4. education for all levels (from newcomers to pre-professionals) 5. maintaining high standards in all aspects of our work 6. continuous improvement in both business and the arts 7. supporting our community of artists 8. widening our audience pool 9. sustainability 10. providing an environment for academic scholarship

Navatman has numerous branches to support these endeavors from educational programming to large scale accessibility events.