Orangutan Outreach

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About Us

The purpose of Orangutan Outreach is:

1. To conserve Bornean (Pongo pygmaeus) and Sumatran (Pongo abelii) orangutans in their native habitat. 2. To raise and promote public awareness of, and participation in, conservation strategies for orangutans through grassroots campaigns, community involvement and global communication. 3. To collaborate with Indonesian conservationists in the running of orangutan rehabilitation centers. 4. To fund rescue efforts of orangutans confiscated on palm oil plantations in Borneo and Sumatra. 5. To fund rescue efforts of orangutans held illegally by private owners, whether commercial or individual, who are in direct violation of CITES. 6. To collaborate with zoos and animal parks in North America to promote awareness of orangutan conservation efforts. 7. To use the Internet to provide orangutan-related curriculum materials free of charge. 8. To fundraise locally and globally to support these goals.