Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland

  • Maryland

About Us

Our organization 503c Non-Profit serves the greater Baltimore, Maryland region. We offer meditation classes and retreats teaching others how to meditate with a focus on inner peace. We offer day to day advice in our classes teaching others how to achieve and sustain a peaceful and stable mind through Buddha's teaching with the ultimate goal of benefiting the community and world we live in.

We have a book store and cafe who's profits go directly towards the International Temple Building Project that helps to spread Buddha's teachings and peace and harmony throughout the world. All Are Welcome!

Here is a little bit on our vision:

  • We envision Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland as a place where hundreds, and eventually thousands, of people gather in order to improve the quality of their minds, thereby transforming themselves and the society in which they live.
  • We envision a diverse, joyful spiritual community where everyone is welcome to learn constructive new thoughts, attitudes and meditations that lead to authentic, lasting peace of mind and mental freedom.
  • We envision a community of people who are increasingly motivated to love and benefit others.
  • Our vision is to achieve peace in our world by teaching scientific methods that transform individuals, and therefore society, one mind at a time. In this way, inner peace will naturally lead to outer peace.