Mt. Pleasant Middle School

  • FL


1906 North Rome Avenue
United States

About Us

Mount Pleasant Standard Base Middle School (aka Mt. Pleasant Middle School) is a 6-8 school located in the inner city of Tampa, Florida, Hillsborough County. The school serves 110 students, 85% are African American, 3% are Caucasian, and12% are Hispanic of which 10% are English Limited Learners. Based on free and reduced school lunch data, 97% of our students are economically disadvantaged. The goal is to make students realize their right to high standards and to provide them with life skills that will help them overcome the barriers of poverty, e.g. generational, relative, urban or situational. Our pledge to support their growth and development parallels the school’s mission: Mt. Pleasant Standard Base Middle School will create positive learning and work habits in order to prepare our students for academic success. We teach students to be responsible and informed citizens and to be able to communicate effectively. Finally, we want to instill in our children a strong desire for lifelong learning.