The Grubb Institute of Behavioural Studies


Cloudesley st

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United Kingdom

About Us

We are a think tank with a well-established reputation of working with and consulting to individuals, work groups and organisations on transforming behaviour to achieve core purpose. We have a long track record of achievement with clients in the business, educational, government, health, and church/para-church sectors.

Our aim is to help individuals, work groups and organisations become fit-for-purpose. Our tools are an understanding of human and organisational systems, and a facility for working with a client's actual experience.

Our approach takes into account the real life of organisations and work groups - the politics, the culture, the networks, the drivers – and how these need to be thought about and managed to help the organisation achieve its core purpose. We work not only with what is seen, but also with what is unseen and felt in organisational life.

A Christian framework informs our practice and - we believe - adds value to clients, but we are not partisan or proselytising. It is as accessible as the client wishes it to be, and in our experience liberates organisations to access their spiritual differences and similarities as a resource.

Core concepts from the human sciences with which we work to help clients achieve their core purpose include:

Purpose - what a work group or organisation exists for Person - how individual identity, values, beliefs and desires relate to others in a group System - how any institution is a construct of people to achieve a task Role - a disciplined way of thinking and working that a person needs to take up to achieve a task Context - the political, social, and economic environment with which the system finds its purpose

We have published a wide series of papers, many of which have become standard texts in their fields. Our President has contributed significantly to the development of systems and psychoanalytic organisational thinking as it is now understood and practised internationally.