New Life Children’s Foundation

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About Us

New Life Children’s Foundation is a non profit organization for meeting the financial, physical and spiritual needs of the growing number of children needy/orphaned living around the world by the AIDS epidemic, war, malaria and hunger. Who do not have any opportunity for education and the school drop outs who would go no were without a support of you and i.

- To provide housing, food, clothing, transportation, give basic education and medical assistance to orphans and street children whose parents are widows, either poor or abandoned.

- To see the less privileged (orphans, AIDS orphans etc) going back to school, getting food and shelter and knowing God. Sports development- raise awareness of sporting disciplines and impart skills to individuals and communities.

- To promote Destitute Children for self –employment among youth through vocational training, tailoring, Hair dressing.

- To start a vocational school for woodwork and computer training that will enable the center first to train the needy/orphaned and to generate income to meet some of its expenditure and sustain itself.

- To build a school that will serve the orphaned/needy children in the community.

- To establish medical facilities and provide treatment to the needy.
- To Mobilize, Develop and Apply available resources to promote the objectives of the Organization.
- To promote HIV/AIDS awareness among all members of our community.