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About Us


BEAT (Brooklyn Emerging Artists in Theatre) is a performing arts initiative and organization for the community of Brooklyn, NY. BEAT is wholly dedicated to fostering and creating new audiences for Brooklyn’s finest performing artists. For Brooklyn, BEAT seeks to present performance events that express our profound diversity, celebrate our finest spaces and unify our broad, expansive community. Ultimately, BEAT is committed to supporting and presenting performing artists who are offering tremendous innovation to the performing arts, and connecting them to each other in the hopes of birthing new work and new forms. Through our festival and educational programming, BEAT is creating a live, interactive performance study of Brooklyn—on the grounds of the richest performing arts community in our country.


At BEAT, we believe in the performing arts as a celebration of community and place. Brooklyn is our home, and it is the home to many of the finest performing arts innovators in the world. We believe the experience of the performing arts—voice, movement and theater—beautifies our community. And so, BEAT aims to bring Brooklyn’s performing arts legacy home by creating experiences for our artists and our residents throughout the borough.


The BEAT Festival is a yearly fall festival showcasing the greatest works of Brooklyn’s finest performing artists. It is a borough-wide festival, with shows in traditional theaters and unusual spaces in Park Slope, Flatbush, Prospect Heights, Fort Greene, Downtown Brooklyn, Red Hook, Coney Island and Williamsburg. Through the events of the festival, new collaborations and new performance experiences will be created.