Reaching Out 2 Promote Empowerment

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Silver Spring
United States

About Us

Reaching Out 2 Promote Empowerment,Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, founded in 2010, was formerly known as Silver Seasons Assisted Living Program. Silver Seasons, founded in 2000, was a for profit program which provided an independent living environment for adults with behavioral, mental and physical disabilities.

Today, Reaching Out 2 Promote Empowerment (Ro2pe) takes a more holistic approach to independence by addressing the needs of the "whole person", along with their homelessness. Ro2pe employs the holistic approach by offering the following services to Veterans of all races, creeds and ages:

  • housing
  • employment training
  • work reintegration counseling
  • job readiness/job placement assistance
  • sobriety maintenance & mental health referral
  • life skills
  • education referral
  • health referral
  • comprehensive housing counseling
  • and other supportive services essential to achieving personal and financial independence. All veterans, also, participate in a personal development plan that includes both on-site classes and access to community services, employment training, and educational opportunities.

Ro2pe provides on-going assistance, to the elderly or veterans in need, by offering services such as job training, job readiness, job placement, mobility & life skills training, vocational counseling , budgeting, self-care skills, case management, referrals, coordination, advocacy, emergency/transitional/permanent housing and referral.