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About Us


Our Vision

To create a just and equitable society through education and charitable activities where the poor live with dignity and honour.

Our mission

  • Promotion of 100% literacy among the Poor Rural children
  • Community Health Care by the focused rural population
  • Contribute to Old Age Homes
  • Sustainable agro based development in the focused areas
  • Promotion of Female Empowerment
  • Enhancement of Water and Sanitation Systems

Objectives of the Trust

Establishing and Promoting Educational Institutions – both general education and skill oriented – for socially and economically backward sections of the society.

Establishing evening free study centres to uplift of the needy children.

Establishing engineering colleges, polytechnic institutions, Computer training centres to uplift of the .

Establishing a Health Centre, AIDS prevention and supporting rehabilitation centres, Medical and Research Centre, Mental Hospital, etc.

Orphanages for the children and Home to care and support the elderly and the homeless

Construction of houses for people living below poverty line.

Awareness programmes such as Human Rights, Personality Development Seminars, Language Improvement Program, Traffic Awareness Campaign, for the skill oriented training programmes for the children and the general public.

Conducting Medical Camps, Veterinary Camps, Blood donation Camps, Rural Sports meet for the Orphan and for differently-abled children.

Organising various Welfare Programmes for the , the old and the differently abled persons.

Women Empowerment Programme and Establish Self Help Groups.

Encouraging Organic farming and preservation of our environment.

Our motto

Serve - Educate - Empower

Our Belief/Value

Education is an indispensable asset to attain the ideals of peace, freedom and social justice. It is a principal means to foster a deeper and more harmonious form of human development and thereby to reduce poverty, exclusion, ignorance, oppression and war. Education has become a passport for the socio-economic advancement of the society. The children are also the future leaders of our great nation. We commit ourselves to helping the children and women to develop this goodness; providing a wholesome understanding of the society where we live. Fostering a loving environment among those we meet and work carry out our empowerment.

Our Focused People

ž Socially and economically poor children

ž Dalit women and children

ž Home for the aged

ž School and college students

ž Employed men and women

ž Physically challenged persons

ž Migrant labourers

ž Marginal and Small marginal farmers

ž Adolescent boys and girls

ž Sick people – physical, psychologically challenged.