Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Marlton, NJ

  • NJ


61 Route 70 East
United States

About Us

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is a family of God's people. Our mission is:

- to proclaim to all people that we are one family united in Christ.

- to love and support the members of our church family

-to conduct ourselves and our relationships with one another in a spriit of forgiveness and harmony, patience and peace, giving honor and witness to the Lord whose name we bear.

- to better understand through worship and education, what it means to live and witness as God's children in the world.

-to welcome and provide a church home for those who enter our doors as strangers and visitors and newcomers to our community, seeking to include them within the family of our fellowship and friendship.

-to serve and reach out to the lonely, the hungry, the homeless, and those without families to meet their needs and to invite them into a deeper fellowship with God and God's people.

- to be advocates of peace and justice for all those in the human family who live in fear and oppression.

- to work cooperatively with our Lutheran brothers and sisters in the New Jersey Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Moravian Church in America, the Episcopal Church USA and the United Methodist Church.