King David Education Network - Arusha

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Muriet hill,
Kwa Mromboo
Box 16453 Arusha

About Us

King David Education Network is a registered company for the purpose of fighting poverty among poor people in Tanzania. We accomplish our goal by establishing schools in both rural and urban peripherals where we change the lives of children by offering a decent education and skill training to equip them for the future. We believe in changing life of one child at a time. Our registered office in in Arusha city northern Tanzania. It was gounded by Gloria Kabugho, a teacher and Emmanuel Shilatu a business manager and entrepreneur.

In our first school we have recruited/enrolled 100 students from poor families, orphans and from single parents and we equip them with basic literacy skill and continue.

We have anothe nursery newly established school in 2012 by the name Bethania Nursery school in a remote area of Arusha as well. We also engage in provision of clean water by building rain water harvest systems. We are also establishing community library for the community to access it.

We are so moved by the community response that the community have given us and the support we have.