DeSales Service Works

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522 State Street
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About Us

DeSales Service Works is a project of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales. DSW exists to impact the lives of others and to Live Jesus! We provide opportunities for face-to-face service, and we work to change the lives of those we serve and to expand the mindset of those who serve. All of our efforts seek to improve struggling neighborhoods while recognizing the goodness of these impoverished communities.

About Desales Service Works

DSW is a ministry that invites people to join us in service, prayer, community, and Salesian Spirit. This ministry is focused on sharing Salesian spirituality with people in struggling communities through direct personal service and the advancement of peace and justice. Volunteers do much needed practical service. The DSW experience fosters the Christian worldview of St. Francis de Sales and brings the power of gentleness, humility, and optimism to very poor, hard edged communities.


DeSales Service Works brings people of differing backgrounds together under the banner of Christ to the benefit of both the volunteers (generally from middle class, more affluent backgrounds) and residents of our neighborhoods (generally more disadvantaged). DSW makes an impact, demonstrating the power of St. Francis’ gentle strength in aggressive, violent communities and working to improve the quality of life for our struggling sisters and brothers. DSW also makes an impact on the volunteers; as Pope Francis puts it, “When you meet the needy, your heart grows bigger.”