Society Empowerment for transformation Initiative (SETI)

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About Us

Society Empowerment for Transformation Initiative (SETI) is a non-profit, non-commercial, non-governmental and charitable organization.

 We subscribe to universal humanitarian values and bible scriptural principles. SETI is geared towards transforming the lives of children and women and ultimately transforming the society because we believe that "The woman raises the child and the child becomes the society"


Vision: Our vision is to Empower Children and women in the developing world (Deut.8:18)

Our plan to transform the society begins by targeting both the women and the children  who are the future of our societies and building their capacities to effect changes first to themselves and then to their surroundings. Capacity is built through various means like empowerment, motivation, resource provision and awareness creation. SETI as an organization is geared at carrying out all possible method to increase the capacity of both children and women thereby providing a platform for them to become change agents.