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About Us

In this era of media consolidation, when commercial pressures too often dictate what is broadcast, Link is the only US media organization dedicated to broadcasting diverse perspectives about global and domestic issues, over 90% of which is not available anywhere else in the US.

We transform television from a passive to an active medium, using the best of broadcasting and Web techniques in a way that creates cross-cultural dialogue. Link’s unique mix of current affairs and cultural programs from around the world has been welcomed by millions of Americans hungry for new perspectives.

Our mission is to engage, inform and activate Americans through the presentation of these perspectives.

Link Media is a California 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that operates the Link TV national network and More than 30 million US homes receive Link TV through satellite, particularly in rural and suburban areas. Research of our satellite television audience indicates that 5.5 million adults and youth watch Link TV regularly each week.

In addition to being broadcast on Link TV, our original programs are also offered to local public television stations, university systems and cable outlets in major urban areas, as well as several regional multi-city public networks, reaching more than 15 million homes. Over 1,800 hours of programs are available on Millions of people around the world access Link programming on the Web.